Friday, 24 February 2012

High Blood Pressure-Western Afghanistan-Pregnancy And Birth-Maternity Hospital-Heavily Pregnant

Giving birth is a battle for survival in Afghanistan

HERAT, Afghanistan (Reuters) - She was 15 years old, heavily pregnant and had travelled eight days on the back of a donkey to reach hospital. Suffering from seizures and high blood pressure, she died soon after at the Herat Maternity Hospital in western Afghanistan, one of the thousands of women who die in the country each year from causes linked to pregnancy and birth. "She came at a late stage and we couldn't help her," said Somayeh, a midwife at the hospital and herself just 21. "She was already in a coma. ... read more..

World's Tiniest 'Preemies' Growing Up Healthy: Report

MONDAY, Dec. 12 (Healthday News) -- When she was born prematurely in 1989, weighing less than two-thirds of a pound, Madeline Mann was the world's smallest surviving baby. read more..

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